VALORANT is a tactical 5v5 shooter that has a growing esports scene. While it can be difficult to find an elite Valorant player with the same setup, we will take a look at how to find the best settings for a gaming PC. Below we will go over some of the most common settings, as well as what you should look for in a Valorant gaming PC.

VALORANT Pro Settings  Gear List


VALORANT is a tactical 5vs5 shooter

In VALORANT, players take on the role of agents, the heroes in the game. While all agents have the same hitbox and health, their abilities vary from one another. Some agents can blind their opponents and use their own weapons to stop them, while others have the ability to revive fallen teammates and teleport to a different location. In the initial “buy” stage, players must choose between pistols and automatic weapons. As they win more rounds, they’ll be able to select from a larger variety of weapons.

Recommended valorant pro settings.

It has a thriving esports scene

There’s no denying that VALORANT Pro has a booming esports scene. Despite the Valorant pandemic, the game has attracted massive audiences. Even the Stage 1 Masters in Reykjavik, Iceland, saw a peak viewership of over one million. That’s a staggering number, and a testament to the thriving esports scene in the game.

It has a good gaming setup

If you’re looking for a good gaming setup for Valorant, consider the following. A good gaming PC must have the minimum PC specs required to run Valorant. Overclocking your PC will give diminishing returns when you reach its peak framerates. While an expensive monitor will boost your performance, it won’t improve your game’s settings. A popular monitor among pro players is the BenQ Zowie XL2546K, which delivers 240FPS and features DyAc+ blur reduction technology.

It has a variety of settings

VALORANT Pro offers several settings and gear lists that allow you to customize your gaming experience. Its Max FPS always-on setting prioritizes your FPS and other settings, while your Gear List is filled with options for more advanced players. If your PC doesn’t have the necessary hardware to run Valorant, there are a few external steps you can take to make the experience better.

It uses a Logitech keyboard

The Valorant Pro gaming keyboard is a full-size mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches. The keyboard is highly customizable, with nine lighting effects, five pre-configured game profiles, and nearly 20 million key combinations. The Valorant keyboard uses Cherry MX Switches, the most popular type of gaming keyboard switches. These switches have varying degrees of responsiveness and linearity, which many users prefer. Valorant keyboards have both linear and tactile switches, so you can choose which type of switch you want to use.

It has a stretched resolution

What is stretched resolution? Simply put, stretched resolution is the lower resolution of the game that fills a larger monitor, such as a 12×12 display. The computer is able to stretch the video signal to fill the monitor, making it appear as though it’s actually a 12×12 display. This effect is not very desirable, however, and isn’t recommended for most people. Players may also find it difficult to aim and make mistakes with stretched resolutions. However, this resolution does represent an increased skill cap and skill floor for the game.

It uses a 0.98 scope sensitivity

The VALORANT Pro has a 1.08x magnification, a 0.98 scope sensitivity, and a 3.7x zoom. The sensitivity multiplier is adjustable via mousemate. It’s ideal for shooting down sights, which change the Field of View and make the crosshair appear faster. Most professionals use a single 0.98x multiplier, while beginners tend to use two.

It uses a 240Hz refresh rate

Despite its 240Hz refresh rate, the VALORANT Pro can still be used on PCs with low GPU specifications. If you are looking for the best gaming experience possible, then this display is the right choice for you. Its high resolution and wide viewing angle make it a great choice for those looking for an immersive gaming experience. However, if you are looking for the fastest framerate, you should consider upgrading your graphics card and CPU. AMD does not allow you to alter the refresh rate in the game, so you should follow these instructions instead.

It uses an 800 mouse DPI

You may be wondering how to change the DPI pro settings on your gaming mouse. You can either increase or decrease it to suit your gaming needs. The best DPI for gaming is 800, so don’t use it below that level. There are other things to keep in mind before changing the DPI of your mouse. You should avoid using anything below 800 DPI. Here are some tips to make it work for you: for more info visit: Tweets games